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Here Comes Another Long Monday

March 21, 2006

My Monday would have been perfect if it were not for the sorry experience I had at the Department of Trade and Industries along Buendia. It wasn’t that they completely ignored me the way other government offices do until the clock strikes a quarter to 5. They were very friendly and accommodating. However, the quality of work was quite a big disappointment.

You see, I was there around 8:30 in the morning so I could get a lot of resources and contacts for the project I am heading and leave the place early. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the right info. At first, they made me wait for quite some time, which was just OK really because there was only 1 person available around to help me (that’s what they told me). But then again, I asked myself, why is there only one available person? Everyone else seemed to be so busy making themselves appear busy. Now whether or not they were actually busy is something that I could never fathom. I for one am not blessed with the innate talent to appear – or act – busy (unlike a particular friend of mine who works at SGV who confessed his mastery with the game every time he makes visits for auditing purposes, turning on his laptop, the screen away from the glare of other people just to play minesweeper until lunchtime).

First, they gave me the wrong kind of info. I cannot dwell further into the specifics for confidential purposes. Hehehe. So they had to make me wait until they straightened things out. Then they gave me a completely new directory, which to my own amusement, does not contain even a single mode of communication. No phone number, no e-mail, not even a business address. Just the business name, contact person, and type of industry. Now, am I supposed to scream their name outside the window or something?

Then came the thick Department of Trade and Industries 2004-2005. I first intended to photocopy the important pages but then something caught my eye. I was first planning to buy my own copy for P 600. But then I realized afterwards that it also came in CD form for half the price of the printed material. And so naturally, estimating that I would have to photocopy at least a hundred or so pages, I decided to buy the CD instead to save both time and money.

But sadly, as I finally got to reach the office, I realized I’ve been had. The fucking CD doesn’t work. To think I gave them a very high mark in their client feedback form. What the hell. The entire morning was wasted. I swear, I’m gonna drop by tomorrow or on Wednesday and make them all see hell when I tell them what I think. Hehehe.

After lunch, I went directly to Caloocan to visit the foil supplier so I could discuss with them in person and in detail the complexities of our layout design and whatnot. Fortunately, the big bosses there were very accommodating and not only did they meet me in person, they were very agreeable with what I had in mind. This is totally unlike the acceptance I had when I first visited their competitor, Consolidate Packaging. It’s not that they’re mean or evil to some extent, but it’s just that, I think they are just too wise and cynical for my own benefit. Hehehe.

A funny thing though while I was there is that I noticed that local jeepney drivers are so hotheaded nowadays. It was a good thing that I gave my P 7.50 right away while on my way to my next destination because mere seconds after I did so, the driver began ranting about the Judases in a jeepney driver's existence (with reference to "God knows Judas not pay"). He directly and specifically pointed out passengers who did not pay and whatever modus operandi they were doing to skip shelling out money for travel expenses. In his own words, but in Filipino, he said, "You're all just neophytes, I am a master of this game. Don't treat me like a fool! Or I will treat you like a fool!" But fortunately, this guy wasn't the worst. Last year, while on the way to Manila riding a jeepney via España from QC, this particular driver parked his jeepney before that Lagusnilad thing and chased a just-alighted passenger with his itak, shouting, once again in Filipino, "Hey, your fare, asshole! Or I'll slice you to death!" Makes you think of Kill Bill, huh?

After my short stint at the foil supplier, I rode the bus right away directly for Cubao Ibabaw (no taxi – for some reason the saying "Money Talks" is not really effective within Novaliches, Fairview, Caloocan, Valenzuela, and other similar areas), then the LRT2, so I could drop by at the Town & Country Homes somewhere along Marcos Highway to meet Myles, Nemcy, and Rio – the design team. Honestly, I was a wee bit hoping that after our initial discussion last time they would already have some initial sketches ready for viewing. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any, and so I merely proceeded as planned, which is to acquaint them with the second trial of my project.

After work, I decided to go directly to Benilde – hence no punching out once again. I do not know if this is allowed but I think I’ll be doing this until someone tells me otherwise. Going to Tomas Morato first just to punch the clock would only cause me more personal traveling expenses as well as lost time which I could use to make myself reach school within the soonest possible time. After all, it was already 6 o’clock and it is already given that I won’t be able to make it to my first Monday class which is BusLaw1.

For my 2nd class, which was FinaMgt, things were as strenuous as always. Mr. Baylon once again boggled our brains out. Fortunately, I was able to impress the guy with some very well-thought of answers and opinions which I hoped would make him consider passing me. You see, according to urban legends, Mr. Baylon is that kind of professor who takes pleasure out of failing students. As far as what I have encountered during his class, I guess majority of that story is true, but honestly, I don’t want to be a part of his statistic.

I am so much trying to avoid committing my first failure in Benilde – which is signified by an R for Repeat and not F for Flunking slash Failure, for some reason I could never comprehend – that I took the psychological battleground for a passing mark with Mr. Baylon into the context of my scholarship.

As what I have mentioned during my previous posts, I am renewing my scholarship in Benilde which was provided to me by the Scholarship Grants Unit. I am so terrified by the repercussions if Mr. Baylon would fail me regardless if it’s just for the fun of it or if I do deserve it (which I do think I really don’t). And so, what I did was, to indirectly suggest to Big Brother himself by asking him to make my compulsory recommendation letter for my scholarship renewal requirements.

The scene was so funny because Mr. Baylon right then and there understood what I was doing. I never even once mentioned anything about our class or him not failing me at all. However, as needed, he had to ask me certain stuff like how much was my scholarship grant, have I incurred any failures before, and if ever, why not support my studies with my measly income as a Brand Associate. I am not a 100% certain if he had a change of heart in my case or something, but I do know I have accomplished what I intended to do, which was simply to ingrain in his memory that if he fails me, I will loose my scholarship and you better not because I am in a very deep financial hell-hole right now and not just some stupid bratty rich kid who is just too lazy to do serious academics and could afford another extra term or two.

So Mr. Baylon, if you’re reading this, which I doubt you would because this is just a pesky student’s blog with no Dow Jones index or MS Excel functions in sight, please do not fail me for my own sake, for my mother’s sake, for my father’s sake, for my sister’s sake, for all the people who are currently depending on me may it be for work and school, and for world peace!

Having said that, I guess the only thing I need to add is that after class, I finally had the pleasure of walking again towards home. This is one of my life’s little pleasures.

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