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Smells Good

March 19, 2006

It has been quite a very long Saturday for me. I woke up at around 9 am so I could drop by at our office at Tomas Morato to do three things. First, I wanted to clean up my work area since I finally got a brand new file box. Second, I needed to make the modified timeline for my project. And third, I had to get my backpack. As what I have mentioned in my posts yesterday, I had to go directly to school after my failed attempt to visit a printing company in Caloocan otherwise I would have been so late for class.

Anyway, I did just that and thus I felt so sleepy by the middle of the day. Come lunchtime I went home to dress up. Pinky informed me that she’s no longer going to Subic as planned and thus she is relatively free to hang out with me. That’s why I had to dress up. First of all, I had a lot of things to do for work and school and I didn’t want to go home and leave by 6 pm, we planned to meet by 8 at Heaven ‘n Eggs at Tomas Morato, which would have been the beginning of the legendary Metro Manila traffic.

A funny thing I did was that while already in Glorietta – I was planning to take the MRT all the way to GMA Kamuning – I realized I did not put on any perfume. Stupid, I told myself, this is one of those moments you just had to wear perfume. Two expensive investments on volatile liquids and I failed to wear it in an actual date? So what would a person like me do?

In order to actually understand my next course of action, you had to understand me: 1. I’m a sucker for freebies; 2.) I’m a sucker for freebies; 3.) I’m a sucker for freebies.

Noticing that I was quite dressed at that time, I told myself it wouldn’t hurt to pass by the Perfume section of SM Makati. And just as I expected, I was flocked by those annoying white-long-sleeved salespeople with hook-neckties in a matter of seconds. Have you ever noticed that? These perfume people are so territorial that once you commit the mistake of entering their zone, they will run altogether to your area and bombard you with a spray-over-here and a spray-over-there.

Of course, I still had to do a little bit of acting to make sure they made me smell nicer in all the right places. After a little over from 5 minutes, I could barely remember the brands of perfumes they gave me a sample of. I’d like to specially mention that guy from the Moschino brand with his monumental Eau de Toilette is better than Eau de Parfum stand. Moreover, this guy was so convinced of his product’s superiority that he had to take all of the stocks outside the shelves with the corresponding freebies. He said in highly-accented English (like me), “You see sir, if you buy this Moschino Friends for men for only P2,500 you will get the Moschino Friends for women as well.” No budge.

“Aside from that, you will also get to choose from this two other kinds of Moschino perfumes…. And this Guess? perfume sampler… and this small bottle of Moschino Friends as well… And this Moschino bag…. Not to mention this Moschino band…. Oh no, did I say band? I meant bands, there are two… And there’s also a ballpen… “

Jeez, the things kept piling up in front of me. Nevertheless, I didn’t bite. The offer was quite good though. But hey, I can’t ruin my budget. Especially, not tonight.

By quarter to eight, I was still on-line. I began surfing a little less than an hour earlier on so I could research further regarding my project and my article for Health Today. But then, my boss got on-line and so I sent him a PM because I badly needed to talk to him. So after straightening a few things out, I went off-line and hurried off to meet Pinky.

To my surprise, Pinky, or should I say Princess Anne, brought along another close friend of hers at our meeting place. No, this is not Dennis, which was the other guy friend I met the first time we met at Tomas Morato. This other guy is Joe, a fellow Benildean, specifically under Marketing Management as well, who, at certain times of academic endeavors was under the same professor that I was. And so, it was rather funny at first seeing him and Pinky – two people I once thought to belong in completely different hemispheres – together inside a car. Thanks a bunch, but because of that sight I was once again reminded of the car issue.

Nevertheless, together, Pinky and I made our way to Heaven ‘n Eggs and had ourselves a feast. We got to really talk that time, though, recalling right now the flow of our conversation, it seemed like I had more words compared to her. And this observation lasted all the way to Baang Coffee. Hmmm….

Memo to me: talk less yet speak more. And yes, it wouldn’t hurt to hear more about Pinky’s side of the story. I’m so vain, that even in moments where I am certainly not the prettiest in the area, I still keep on hogging the limelight and making myself the ultimate topic of the conversation.

Anyway, by 1 am, Pinky and I had to finally go home. While on the cab, let’s say, after 3 meetings, uncountable PMs, a lot of food, more words, and one movie, I finally began to make myself a wee bit comfortable.

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  1. March 20, 2006 1:10 pm

    Really? now that you mention it, I think I want to read that book.

    By the way, why dont you put a tagboard here? It would be nice.

    I also love this wordpress template.

  2. March 20, 2006 1:41 pm

    i don’t think it can be done here in wordpress

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