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Guerilla’s Way

March 17, 2006

This one could be a record breaker. I got to finish this book, all 1000 pages of it, within one day. The books is entitled Guerilla Publicity by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Jill Lublin. Well, what can I say? The book is quite interesting, but not to the point of being exceptional. I could say this book is like a mirror. It reflects people a lot so much that it helps you rekindle your innate talent to hog the limelight. It could either make you say “yes, I’m doing that” or “yes, I’ll do just that”.Bringing this book into the concept of my work, I could say, it has aided me to fully define my promotional action plan. You see, I believe that this project I’m handling won’t be getting so much funds for promotions – well at least until the middle of next year. So right now, I’m trying my best to use the best bits of the book, Guerilla Publicity, with my own savvy narcissism and creativity, to develop a whole new line of thinking.

I call it, Reality Marketing.

What is it, you may wonder. Of course, I’m not gonna tell. If ever I would, it would be in a form of a book. I’m a sucker for money (or if not fame). So as you can see, I did learn something from reading Puple Cow by Seth Godin. That is why if you intend to keep on reading my blog, well, I guess you deserve to know my ultimate money-making plan as early as now so you could either a.) ditch me; or, b.) spread the word about my existence.

Anyway, if you’re really interested about Reality Marketing, well one thing is for sure. It is not a joke. Perhaps, the best way for you to understand it is this: turn on your TV sets and tell me what do you see?

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