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All In a Day’s Work

March 17, 2006

Yes, once again, my day started a little bit late. I woke up at around 8 am (again) thanks to my mother’s phone call. It is quite difficult to get the right meaning of the word’s she’s saying to you nowadays specially since it’s all just spoken (and sometimes generally gibberish) with no non-verbal aspects to help you out. Nevertheless, knowing my mother by heart, I know exactly what she means: it’s 8 am and you’re still not in your office?

I arrived at work a little bit after 9 am. I checked all my inboxes, followed up with some calls, and prepared for my trip to Bulacan.

For the first time, I’ll be going to Lloyd Laboratories all by myself. For first-time readers, and to people who might have forgotten, the word myself simply translates to commuting. Yes, I have my revolving fund and I could always waste it right away with a taxi cab all the way to Bulacan. But I thought, like it could actually cover the trip to the plant and back. After all, I still needed a lot of money for my business dealings tomorrow.

And so a taxi fare to SM North (P100), where I spotted a nice packaging for a product called Nutricote which I could really use for my product (P284.25). One thing I particularly like about SM North, and I do mean only one, is the flower shops outside the mall. You see, I’m a plant person and I thrive on greenery. Visit my condo at Makati and you’ll readily notice how desperate I am to be just like that. I also noticed a new building within the SM North compound. I asked myself, have I really been gone that long?

Anyway, I got to get myself an FX ride to Malolos at the SM North Annex. At first, I intended to wait for people to fill up the parked FX inside the compound. But boredom got the worst of me and I hurriedly tried my luck along EDSA Extension. After an hour of dozing off inside the FX, I finally got to wake up with that nagging feeling if I just missed my drop minutes ago or not. Luckily, my ever-trusty biological clock woke me up just on time. This is why I prefer commuting rather than, say, go to the plant with my boss (Hi, Sir Dennis). I have the habit of falling asleep on long rides. If you’re with your boss, if you’re alone with your boss for an official business, would you dare blink an eye? Hehehe. At the very least, you’ll try your best not to.
At Lloyd Laborites, things were very interesting. You see, I met this young chemist named Jonathan who met me up since Mr. Alex Padre and Mrs. Ramos were still in a meeting. And so, this guy Jonathan made me wear a lab gown, head cap, and shoe covers, before he toured me around the packaging area. It felt like sooo Dr. Evil. I suddenly felt nostalgic and missed my chemistry days at Schmitt Hall in the Ateneo. Well, times have changed. I may not have graduated with a degree of Management of Applied Chemistry, but I sure do hope this thing I’m doing right now is a living testament that I have learned more than what my transcripts could ever record.
Anyway, I got to see the packing machine (I could have used packaging but I wanna be guilty of being too imaginative), which was quite a disappointment really, because it looked so small. I imagined a big, rumbling device complete with LEDs and knobs, but no, it’s even smaller than a mini-van. But then I thought what did I expect? They no longer build ENIAC-sized computers, my dear.

After which, I proceeded to the other part of the building to meet Mrs. Ramos. I continued my interrogation with all the people knowledgeable about the packing machine. Then, unfortunately, some people had the nerve to eat lunch, and I had to waste an hour watching Eat Bulaga at the canteen before I could proceed with Mr. Alex Padre. Hehehe.
Inside one of the small rooms, I got to talk to Ms. Daisy and, of course, Jonathan. After getting all the info I needed could squeeze out of them, I had a talk with Mr. Padre with regards to the samples. Luckily, I was able to get it before 4 pm. I wanted to test everything right then and there but I honestly didn’t want to get stuck on traffic while going home. So basically, I just left right away, after looking like an arse, getting seeds of that interesting vine I saw at the fences of the adjacent factory. Back at my work station at Tomas Morato, I conducted my own tests, leaving some of it for the design team to utilize on Monday.

As usual, I left the office around 530 pm which means I arrived at school late again: 620 pm. It’s a good thing Ms. Barroso is so nice that she still thinks I’m cute and deserves a high grade. We had a seatwork for Incomet wherein I was the first one to finish answering. However, the question if I got all my answers right, is another topic. For my next class, Adveman, Ms. Limbaco is not only late but absent. She didn’t even bother to inform us in advance. At any rate, it was just okay. Hehehe. At least, I got to interview a classmate, Sonny Orallo, who works at the Manila Polo Club as Sports & Games Manager, for my next article assignment for Health Today magazine.

I watched a movie with Ms. Pinky, but that is for my next entry. So I guess this is all there is.

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