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Starbucks with Pinky, Dennis, and Suyen

March 15, 2006

After school, I went directly to Tomas Morato to hang out with Pinky and Dennis at Starbucks. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been meaning to do this but because of my very tight schedule it has always been impossible to do so unless I’d be such a brat and ask Pinky to stay around Makati until 10 pm though she’s usually off from work by 7.

At Starbucks, I was amazed by how much things have changed. The entire branch had redesigned and expanded that it now occupied the whole of the second floor where an old acoustic bar once stood. The place is now better since it now had 2 sets of toilets for both men and women and the balcony had a circular gazebo.

I had a nice time with Pinky and Dennis (I’m reserving my opinion whether they enjoyed the conversation in return) to the point that even though I intended to have a massage by midnight, we extended our talks regarding work, movies, and beaches until almost 3 am. Suyen, Dennis’ close friend, also dropped by around 1 am which made the odd trio a merrier combination of 4.
By 3 am, because we really had to, we finally decided to go home. After all, work supposedly starts at 8 am for me and Pinky. I’m not quite sure about Dennis and Suyen. And so, on the way home via cab, I dropped by Pinky at her place somewhere at Sta. Mesa Heights. My, what big houses you have here. Hehehe.

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I finally hit the bed. Not even my pesky cat could keep me from falling asleep right away.

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