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Of Banks and Men

March 15, 2006

After receiving nothing less than my hard-earned money on this very happy Wednesday, 15th of March 2006, a payday, I rushed to the nearest banks within the area to quickly open an account before I binge once again or buy things I hardly ever need, or much worse, not even know how the hell I blew all my pay without being able to trace the actual outflow. And so, armed with my money, proper IDs, and a very toothy smile, I made my way to the nearest bank available.

Someone said “King”, which made me stop right on my tracks in the middle of the road, looking around for a familiar place. It was quite stupid – I would have been hit by a car or a jeepney. Anyway, it was someone I haven’t seen, or heard from, for a very, long time: Mondo. Anyway, a few quick hi’s and hello’s and everything went back to normal.

Anyway, I’m not gonna mention the actual banks and their corresponding deficiencies, but since I’m really irritated, here are the banks I visited this afternoon: Maybank, East West Bank, Metro Bank, Banco De Oro, and Equitable PCI.

Aside from Maybank which was really on the top of my list, all the rest are pure shitty when it comes to customer service and it is coming from me – a customer service slash telemarketing guy for almost one year. Nevertheless, I never got to open an account in Maybank. Maybe soon – when I get my first paycheck from Health Today.

Now here are the blind items of those bad banks, or so I think:

  1. Which bank employ people who are either blind or deaf that no one approached me at all that I had to excuse myself from the bank out of self-pity after more than 20 minutes of standing – not sitting – in front the new accounts section?
  2. Which bank would request their beloved client to go across the street and photocopy his ID all by himself because they just don’t do that?
  3. Which bank quickly discredited my school ID because I am already working, and discredited my work ID because it is made out of shitty paper?
  4. Which bank has employees who would ask improper questions (or maybe it is just me) such as “Why did you allow your driver’s license and passport to expire”, or “Why haven’t you filed for a new one”, or “It’s very SIMPLE to apply for a new license or passport or whatever”,
  5. Or worse, “Are you sure you’re not just an OJT?

Sadly, I’m just a little guy both figuratively and financially coming from a bank’s perspective so even though I’d like to squish all their loathsome faces and dodge all their customer service credos all down their throats, I had to accept defeat and choose a bank. Sooner or later, I thought evilly, you’ll all be running around to please me. Hehehe.

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  1. March 17, 2006 6:24 am

    that’s a tragic… *fic* them… go to bpi instead… if i had my druthers, i would definitely blow my mind and say f* / s* inside the bank.

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