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Back at One

March 15, 2006

Guess I’m going back to professional writing. Ivan, a close friend who manages the Health Today magazine as the local Editor-in-Chief, has asked me once again to extend my “communication expertise” to their burgeoning magazine. He first asked to do so a couple of months ago but I kinda took it lightly because I had a higher-paying job then and that one hell of a job really took a lot of energy and was very stressful.

But that doesn’t mean I’m free as a bird nowadays. My current job entails even a higher level of commitment. Though with lesser pay and horrendous accountability, it can provide maximal exposure (I’m a limelight whore), exponential learning, and enormous organizational growth, not to mention the freedom to be creative and become a real jerk. Hehehe.

But in one way or another, let us just say working part-time as a contributing writer in a health magazine would be a win-win situation for me. Moreover, I badly need more money.

Since there is some sort of confidentiality agreement, I am not allowed to share more info about my projects. I’m just gonna scan the actual magazine soon so you can get a glimpse of how I would look like in print. Better yet, buy the magazine and send the EIC a feedback about how great and funny and cute one of the contributing writers is – me – and how you’d want to hear more from me, me, ME! Hopefully, with all the money I’ll be raking in here, I can put my Naturale money in the bank and use my other earning for all worldly pleasures I’d like to experience and enjoy.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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