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A Series of Unfortunate Events

March 15, 2006

Elementary statistics made me aware that probability is a way of life. Like, how improbable it would be that a person who just got stabbed will be hit by a car while staggering home (this is an actual episode from CSI). Probability-wise, it should be slim, but it makes one hell of a story.

Most people who know me superficially are not aware that my mother had a stroke last Christmas (with brain edema, diabetes, etc.) which rendered her speech abilities quite trivial. I need not dwell into the melodramatic details. Let’s just say a lot of tears were shed, not necessarily from me. Thus, my mother had to end her lifelong career as the breadwinner of the family. My dad, on the other hand, has his own set of health issues and is already retired. Fortunately, my cousin, Ate Marjorie, who successfully put up the most profitable chain of mobile phone shops in our wee little city with her husband, had the heart and the initiative to run to our aide in all aspects of life (emotionally, financially, etc.) This is one of the things that make me very proud to be Filipino. Filipinos care and you damned white supremacists better be envious about that.

Fast forward March 2006, my very tragic life now enters another episode. Ate Marjorie’s husband, Kuya Ron, suffered a stroke while jogging. As far as I know, he is quite a heavy drinker and smoker (Surgeon General’s Recommendation: Muriatic acid is cheaper and more effective). This is the reason I campaign against smoking and drinking in totality. I have personal experience to prove my claim. So right now, they say, Kuya Ron can hardly make use of his phalanges (that’s fingers for you, my dear) and is also experiencing some sort of speech difficulty. You may say he should’ve expected it after all he’s a heavy boozer. However, he’s just in his early 30’s and having a stroke at that point in your life is just still unexpected

Needless to say, my life and my sister’s life are now going to get another turn. My sister is graduating this march from Ateneo Law School and is supposed to take the Bar Exams this September. I wish I could come up with something to preserve the status quo. Anyway, life still goes on. My family has been through a lot – and survived – that I am quite certain that it is just a matter of time before things would be fine bearable once more. I may appear passive and detached but my receding hairline can attest to the fact that I am – ahem – a still water running deep.

Right now, my main concern is to remain focused: remain a DL at school; come up with a successful product by June. Dramatics and spontaneity is never my course of action. Thing will stabilize. As what they say, chance favors the prepared mind.


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