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Bling Me

March 14, 2006

I’m not really a Tim Yap fan though his name is most oftentimes a part of my vocabulary (e.g. I will Tim Yap you!) if ever the mere usage really makes any sense. Aside from his name, I also love coining the word eventologist and other derivatives (e.g. brandtologist), Mr. Yap’s primal job title of preference. So one may ask, why in the world did I have his MTV show logo tattooed on my back?

Is it love? Is it hate? Did I just get paid for this? You can call it organizational commitment or, as what a close friend told me as soon as he noticed my YM avatar, my deep longing to show the world my nicely sculpted back?

The answer is pretty simple. It’s just an Air Tattoo and thus only a few whisks of alcohol then the logo – and all Tim Yap references – can just easily fade away. Just in case you are wondering, Air Tattoo, or AirToo, is a new concept on skin art which the Beach Hut guys are planning to use to promote their product at Boracay and other designated areas.
I personally don’t like tattoos. But between the indelible, real one and that henna thing which can cause allergic reactions and takes eons to dry, I’ll take AirToo anytime of the day. A few sprays and flexing afterwards then you’ll have a multi-color emblem emblazoned on your skin.

Don’t like the design just a mere couple of seconds later? No fret. Just alcohol it away!

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