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Over the Weekend

March 13, 2006

I am perhaps one of the few people left in this planet who can never say that I don’t have much time left to do anything else – or perhaps to accept more responsibilities. You see, I am already balancing every 24 hours of my days between work and school and the other businesses I have decided to get myself busy with. But as what my Saturday and Sunday can probably attest, I still have a lot of free time in my hands.

Date Movie. I watched this flick with Karlo, Red, and Tristan at G4, Cinema 7, 1030 pm. I am not even gonna waste my brain cells commenting about how trashy and lame and useless this movie has been.

Sunday came and it’s another ball game. I watched 16 Blocks with my sister and her boyfriend, Fritz, at Power Plant, 8:05 pm, and it stars good ol’ Bruce Willis and Mos Def. Yes, the movie is formulaic. Yes, Bruce Willis is portraying a role he has done a gadzillion times before and he could probably do it again next time with his eyes wide shut while eating ice cream. But the thing is, I liked the movie, especially since it was my sister who paid for the tickets and that my previous movie, Date Movie, was a complete waste of money and time.

The acting was great and convincing. Bruce Willis was an out-of-luck cop who has deteriorated and walks with a limp. He really looks like it too with an ashen face and thinning hair. But wait a minute, is he acting or is that the real Bruce Willis in real life? Hehehe. As for Mos Def – damn – he can be very irritating. It suited his character very well.

Lesson to be learned? At times of uncertainty between 2 not so hyped and not so talked about movies, go with the flick with actors you can trust. Better yet, go with the one wherein you’re not going to shell out a single cent.

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