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Missing In Action

March 8, 2006

I was missing in action at work yesterday. As I mentioned, I intended to see a doctor regarding my shortness of height breath. Since I was a cheapo, and moreover my sister was even more of a cheapo, we naturally sought first whatever was free. Much more than being free, closeness to the vicinity was also a priority, so we could basically just walk right into the hospital without paying as much as a peso for transportation. But it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re not that cheap and desperate. It’s my health we’re talking about for crying out loud. And so instead of walking, we rode a new tricycle. Twenty bucks and a hellavu ride.

The Makati Hospital, or rather Ospital ng Maynila, is one of the, if not the most, finest government places there is. The comfort was even more magnified by the mere fact that it was a hospital. If you’re a Filipino, say belonging to the middle class, hospitals would always be icky. (If you’re rich, everything is icky. If you’re poor – who gives a shit – just bring my son back to life!)

Anyway, I waited for roughly 5 minutes before a doctor came to the rescue. Who’s the patient? I raised my hand meekly. What’s wrong with you? Hell, lady, I almost said, everything’s wrong with me. But after id, ego, and superego tussled and turned, I softly said: shortness of breath.

Needless to say, she simply disregarded me, stating nicely, but directly, that this is a hospital for emergency cases. Are you unable to breathe? Are you – like – dying or something? Both no. She didn’t ask it that way, but yeah, my sister and I got the point. And so, we were once again referred to the other Makati Hospital at Pembo and reiterated the need to secure a yellow card for discount purposes given to Makati City residents? Discounts, I thought, does she think we’re cheap? Hehehe. At any rate, why in the world would I go to Pembo? It’s an entirely different universe if you ask me. Look at the map of Makati. It’s not even there! Red X is where I live, green X is where the hospital is.

In order to finally get some answers about my delicate state of health and so as to save precious time (and money), I decided to pursue the second best. I hailed a cab (where’s saving money in that?) and speeded all the way to Benilde.

The doctor was still in the moment I arrived at school a few minutes before 12. Thank goodness, or you can just imagine who would have blown his top off. After a stethoscope-here and a stethoscope-there, the doctor – I didn’t get her name the way I always do in most cases in life – told me there’s just a minor something, yes she said the word something in Filipino – and told me to just take Ventolin with my meals for lunch and dinner. Kinda reassuring, huh, to have a small something somewhere deep in my chest?

After this ordeal, I began having my clearances signed up again so I could have my Transcript, Copy of Grades, and etc. prepared on time. I needed the usual documents for my scholarship renewal and my desire to become active in the school organization whatnots in Benilde. I first thought about joining the Student Forum, the CDP’s version of a student government, but it turns out there’s really no public-service bone in my body. So I now shifted my goals and aspirations to the Junior Marketing Association instead especially now that there are executive positions available for me to take.

There’s nothing much going on while I was in Benilde yesterday aside from the fact that I slept at the library with my head on top of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Me falling asleep while reading their broadsheet won’t do their marketing department any good. Furthermore, we also had our midterms for Advertising Management which leaves Financial Management the only subject I have that’s left in the dust. I wonder if Mr. Baylon really had any intention of holding a Midterm exams.

Finally, after class, I got the itch to watch a movie alone again. Basically the options were a.) Hostel; b.) Capote; and, c.) Sleep. When I say sleep, I mean zzz and save cash. Since I prefer watching last full shows, the viewing schedule wasn’t really a concern. Capote won Mr. Hoffman an Oscar, which is why I considered watching it. Hostel, on the other hand, is presented by – not directed by – Quentin Tarantino. I’m not sure if Mr. Tarantino’s presenting it implies high gore-flick quality so I naturally sought wisdom from on-line film critics. Reading reviews after reviews yielded a lot of thumbs-up and what-the-fucks. After spending almost 2 hours inside a theater and P 160 poorer, I swear I should have listened to the latter.

The film sucked. Though the plot was great, the movie wasn’t really scary and it had some funny scenes. Funny scenes should in no way be included anywhere within a supposed horror movie. The movie was so out of bounds that both my seatmates kept on predicting the movie’s end. Let’s say, if a blank screen appeared, both of them would say “The end” at the top of their breaths. Even I was expecting that kind of loose ending as well to the point that I was scared shitless if the director – Eli Roth – actually decided to do just that. I just hate loose endings so much, I’m gonna do it myself.

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  1. March 8, 2006 5:07 am

    i know where makati hospital is and its stone-throw away from pateros which is near my place (ususan). nice blog you have… m going to link you away… =)

  2. March 9, 2006 2:13 am


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