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Bitamina Boi Rules!

March 3, 2006

Yehey, I am so happy today. As confirmed yesterday via phone call, Chemico will be able to supply me with the raw materials I wanted my product to have, which is so cool really. I really believe that my product will not only be effective, it’s gonna sell like hot pancakes Nokia phones.

The funny thing though is that I can the notice the subtle complaints from the other side (not only coming from Chemico) which tries to inform my subconscious to PLEASE stop spamming us. Refer to the where the arrow is pointing. I think, I average around 2 e-mails a day, and it’s only the beginning. We’re not even up the stress level yet. Hehehe.

Dennis also gave permission to pursue my model-search at Benilde. I hope this monumental act will boost my popularity at school. You know what they say about models. They thrive where the action is.

Jeez, I am such a loser.

I just hope things would be okay at school. I do believe where really gonna have our midterms later for Poligov. After that, weekend, here we go again!

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