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Female Models Wanted

March 3, 2006

Yesterday at school was a whole lot funnier than usual. It was kinda my day as well. Upon arriving at Benilde, I dropped by the Marketing Communications Office to ask permission to post this message for work which expresses our dire need for cheap yet hot female models. Obviously, I was declined. The MCO told me to proceed to the Career Placement Office because the post had something to do with employment, which if targeted to Benildeans, would be a very sensitive issue.

Thus, I did just that. And as expected, things got even worse. The Director of the CPO asked certain requirements from us because as she said, “It’s for the student’s protection and your protection as well”. Her lines made me think of condoms and Bliss for a moment or two. We’re looking for models, not ——! Bliss, by the way, is the controversial yet lovable lubricant of our sister company, Skintimates, Inc., which, according to my boss, holds a large share of the fast-growing pervert industry of the Republic of the Philippines. If you’d rather tone the kinkiness down a bit, the same formulation has been enhanced to become Felina: lubricant for post-menopausal women.

Anyway, after exchanging a few “a-oks” and forced smiles, I instantly left the office and ran all the way from the main campus to AKIC – that 10-floor something white building along Arellano Ave. and Estrada St. which houses the HRM students and the very famous CDP. First stop: Incomet!

I was so happy Ms. Barroso still accepted my take home quiz. You see, I was absent last meeting because of the brainstorming session at work for Beach Hut and my upcoming project. Naturally, since I still had no absences for Incomet, I decided to extend my office hours (which really shouldn’t have been an issue at all) just to finish everything for that day. I only made my quiz during class which made me kinda confused regarding the new lesson for the day. I do hope I’d still be able to manage to keep up soon especially since my workload is beginning to become apparent.

Then, there’s Advertising. As usual, it’s all about Samsung, Samsung, Samsung – but with a smile. Hehehe. Ms. Limbaco just got back from Singapore and in between lessons she had to, like most people, narrate her experiences in Singapore even it was supposedly her nth time, like most people. But the funniest thing is that someone came to our class which turned out to be from the Office of Student Behavior. He was beckoning me to talk to him for no reason at all. Things only made sense when Ms. Limbaco finally got to talk to him. The arse of a man said in Filipino, “Oh, you’re the teacher, ma’am? I thought you’re just a student reporting or something.”

Like duh. So I’m the teacher? Do I look old? To add more insult, it turned out I was one of the chosen people for the random drug testing. Well at least after all the terms I’ve been in Benilde, it’s only now that the bad luck of probability finally caught up on me. The drug test wasn’t really an inconvenience – all the paperwork was.

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  1. March 8, 2006 5:47 am

    hey… can i post the ad to my blog???

  2. March 9, 2006 2:14 am


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