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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

March 2, 2006

Two days ago, I might be the only person left in the whole wide world who is still reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Personally, I had no intention of doing so but since I had already read the previous installations plus the fact that only a few months from now yet another Harry Potter book will clog the mainstream, I have decided to end this situation once and for all.

I am not really a Potter fanatic. In fact, never in my existence did I make use of Potterisms just to sound cool ala “Silencio” or “You pathetic, muggle” as what some people I know. But basing on the entire series, I could honestly say I like HPHBP more compared to the earlier parts.

You see, I loved the part where they killed Dumbledore. No tears for me though unlike some people. Though J. K. Rowling did some killing earlier on with Sirius Black as the ultimate casualty, the death at that time, wasn’t as nicely done as what Snape did to Dumbledore.

I could notice though that it seems like the book is unworthily thick. The author seemed to have stretched the plot too far so as to make this book thicker than the last one. In fact, I could swear a lot of scenes in the book are so useless, that one can just read, let’s say the last 5 chapters, and still have a clue about what’s going on.

Harry Potter is great as a character and as a cash cow. But honestly, I still think it doesn’t deserve all the hype and recognition it has received all these times.


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