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Oh, Please Don’t

March 1, 2006

We, Filipinos, almost had one hell of a month-ender. Well technically, it is really no longer February. But the point is this. After the Wowowee Stampeded, Leyte Landslide, Anti-GMA Events, and Proclamation 1017, we had a strong rain earlier tonight with matching earthquake.

If it were any stronger, I bet GMA would have actually given up.

Anyway, I rushed to and fro my BusLaw1 class to the computer shop so I could have my Finamgt project all printed out, ready to be passed and please Mr. Baylon. After 20 minutes of doing so, I rushed to AKIC only to find everyone who was supposed to be on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th floor barricading the school entrance. I mean, what the hell. School got suspended. All the effort just for this?

I need not explain my side any further. If you’ve been reading my posts for quite some time. You’d realize I have this THING about ruined schedules.

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