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February 23, 2006

A lot of things happened today at the office. First of all, I was sort of insecure today because I was absent yesterday at work because I had to stay out of office to take care of all my HR requirements. It turns out I did not inform the HR in-charge in Naturale, which prompted me to receive an e-mail and a lot of Yahoo PMs asking for my whereabouts. Anyway, I asked permission from Dennis last Tuesday that I was gonna use the entire Wednesday for the said reason. Whether he remembered that or not, is another matter. I just hope they don’t take that against me and really mark me absent. I need all the salary I could get for now.

Anyway, Dennis and I were supposed to go to the Plant at Bulacan today so I could finally speak to the chemists who will assist me with my project and get me started once and for all. Unfortunately, we were unable to go, which honestly made me feel disappointed. I honestly don’t like the idea of not having my project rolling at this time not to mention the fact that I hate ruined schedules.

So, I had to make do with making myself busy once again. Fortunately, we had a brainstorming session later this afternoon with the entire team. The concept was how to make Beach Hut more imported which really generated a lot of ideas from the group. Beach Hut, based on my own findings, is a great product to begin with. But just like any great product that is already out in the market, there’s still always some room for improvement. Well, I really couldn’t say much about the brainstorming here. Let’s say, give and take 1 month, and the word will be out.

One thing though that really made me feel out of touch with my colleagues was when I had to leave for school come 5 pm. It was the first time that the entire office learned that I was still going to school, except for Dennis, Ems. You see, Ems planned a Farewell Party for Cris and Dianne later after work. Since my class begins at 6 and they intend to begin celebrating at 6, I had no other choice but to excuse myself from 5 to 10 pm classes.

Anyway, what I did was I just hurried over back to Tomas Morato after class so as I could take part in the celebration at Music Match. Well, it was my first time to really hang out with them, so instantly bonding with them over karaoke and beers (I am neither a drinker nor a smoker) was quite difficult to achieve. It was easy to jive with them when then were sober. Being the youngest in the group, it was not all easy to jive with them when they all seem to have too much of a drink already. Hehehe!

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