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February 22, 2006

I always think that the CDP is taken for granted by the rest of the Benildean community. Ask anyone from the main campus, and some would even have the nerve to say, “What’s that?” The Career Development Program, my beloved fellow students, is where the best of Benilde converge. They say you cannot compare something with another if you have not fully experienced both. It is for the same reason that it is absolutely pointless to debate if it is the males or females who are better, or to say (for technical purposes) that my father is the Best Dad in the Whole Wide World. First of all, I only have one dad, thus, I can’t possibly know how others feel like.

Anyway, as I was saying, Benilde is a great school. Why do I say that? Well, as I mentioned before, I am an Ateneo reject. I took up BS Management of Applied Chemistry, which honestly, isn’t just a piece of cake. I am proud to say that the only thing which deprived me from completing BS-MAC was the chemistry subjects because I know I have done fairly well when it comes to the management track. Thus, if I can’t fully claim that Benilde is the best there is, at least give me the benefit of saying that Benilde is at par with Ateneo. Sure, there are lazy bastards in the whole Benilde. But the same thing goes with Ateneo, UP, or DLSU.

Talking further specifically about CDP is another matter. You see, CDP works. CDP are mostly filled with working people. Some work as baristas or waiters, secretaries, entrepreneurs, deejays, call center agents, and then there’s me: a Brand Associate. The lame reason why we are separated from the rest of Benilde is because we are supposedly taking up night classes because of work and we are taking lesser units compared to regular students. But I ask you this, what is one subject less than a regular student any easier for us when we have an 8-hour job or more to balance at the end of our daily schedules at the same time?

You see, being a CDP student isn’t easy to begin with. Put difficult subjects with the kind of lives we’re living and you have pure, unadulterated stress which you full-time students can never imagine. CDP professors take their job seriously. I cannot speak for the rest of Benilde, because hey, I don’t know any teachers from the other side. But with the likes of Mr. Baylon, Mr. Mangahis, and Ms. Limbaco, life in CDP is surely a remarkable experience.

Both Mr. Baylon and Mr. Mangahis are output-extensive. But between the 2, it is Mr. Baylon who is really at the top. You see, aside from the heavy workload in terms of assignments and cases that he wants us to submit, the things he teaches are also very challenging.

When I was in Ateneo, Finance is given to be difficult. Now that I am in Benilde, it is supposed to be easy for me, because technically, I already have a background with regards to the subject. But no, the way he teaches Finamgt is not as easy as I thought it should be. Not only is he teaching new financial techniques I am quite sure is not being taught anywhere else, there’s this darn MS Excel thing here in Benilde.

You see, thanks to the school’s top-of-the-line facilities (but next only to UA&P they say), all subjects that deals with equations will make use of computers. Thus, aside from the new concepts I have yet to comprehend, I also have to take note of the MS Excel techniques which he does as well. After all, what’s the use of your new learning if you can’t bring it to the digital age?

Then there’s Ms. Limbaco. She’s not really a people-person, because not everyone likes her and she tends to become too candid to a fault most of the times. But the kind of info she gives to the class albeit not actually following a syllabus, is quite up to date and essential for marketing students. I guess that‘s one of the perks of being a top honcho for a company as big as Samsung. In fact, if Sony and their other competitor’s had any idea of the kind or confidential information her advertising students know, they may pay big money just to know what Ms. Limbaco’s been passing on to us all these time.

So as you can see, if quality is the thing in question, I could frankly say, the level of education in Benilde, especially among CDP students, is not what you think. Now, this is the reason, why the call for CDP’s separation from SMIT is not only practical but long overdue. CDP created Benilde, but for some reason, we’ve only been in the sidelines. If only we could really be separated and be given independence, then we would be able to grow stronger towards a level that would merit such respect that we really do deserve.

Like most CDP students, I voted “yes” for the survey which calls for CDP’s separation from SMIT. Though this would mean Mr. Baylon would become the Dean, thus more powerful than ever, I guess that would still be better than having someone like Mr. Tang, which I have never laid my eyes on.

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