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Monday Mishap

February 20, 2006

A lot of things happened today. I was able to think of a very great brand name for the project, which, unfortunately, I really couldn’t divulge for now. Thank God I have enough EQ to resist posting it right now. I just hope this kind of resistance would last long enough, at least until June.

Anyway, I am quite stressed out because I had to pay a lot of things including the hosting bill for GoFISH. Then I had to make a nice presentation for Dennis and the rest of the group for tomorrow. I surely don’t want to be humiliated during my first presentation. So I made a really neat presentation out of nothing. You see, Dennis did not give me anything to work on, which is either a challenge he has knowingly given to my part or he is just too busy with Beach Hut that he has left poor ol’ me in the sidelines. Hehehe.

I do hope Beach Hut would be a smash hit this summer. After all, if it becomes a success it would be for everybody’s benefit. Naturale would finally make a name in the cosmetics slash health care industry which would mean I don’t have to explain what Naturale is all about every time people ask me who I work for. Second, the fact exists that if it’s a success then we’ll be raking in a lot of money which could then be used for my own project. Happy me!

To continue, I placed all my efforts into coming up a noteworthy presentation. To make myself sound intelligent, I sought the help of Quantitative Methods as taught by Ms. Bandojo which was almost my Waterloo a few terms back. Using my favorite technique, the crash time method, I planned out a rough timeline for implementing my project. Turns out, taking that course wasn’t so useful after all. There’s nothing more humbling than knowing your teachers have been correct all along.

So, upon reaching AKIC, I had to enlist myself for next term (see how time quickly flies in Benilde) and take my midterms for BusLaw1. I didn’t really do good for that test. After checking the book for the answers after I submitted my paper, I automatically detected at least 10 points of which I have incorrectly answered. Sigh; guess I can’t always be perfect.

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