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Joyride with the Guys

February 18, 2006

I haven’t been always with the guys nowadays which were both a good and a bad thing. Good, because at least it kept me out of mischief, bad because being out of mischief meant being alone. Anyway, I really lost touch with a lot of them and to one in particular which I have always thought to have considered me as a really close friend. Sadly, I was wrong.

Anyway, while reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with the Electromagneticjam music on the background, Tristan tested me for the nth time during the day. This time though, it was not a forwarded message but the kumusta-ka type which he is also fond of sending to all of us. Anyway, thanks to the dawn of Globe’s Unlimitxt service, I replied. It turns out he was with Veejay and Red and was planning to drop by my place because, according to Tristan, Red has a lot of stories to tell. Unfortunately, I could not really tell much about what Red has to say because it would not only be detrimental to him, but to me as well. Hehehe. Though, I had to mention this because it was the first time I saw the Eurostar carnival I have been hearing about at school You see, Veejay, who was the one driving, brought us to the Fort for no reason at all, which was blessing in disguise if you ask me.

I am not really fond with amusement rides, if you ask me, but seeing the Ferris wheel gave me that cheesy romantic feeling of dates which you always see on TV or in the movies. The carnival with all the lights, after all, has always been a good backdrop for those kinds of flicks. Anyway, I hope someday, I could go there with someone I have been longing to ask out for so long. We don’t have to ride anything. Just cotton candies and stuff would do.

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