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There’s Always A First Time

February 17, 2006

If there’s one thing I hate about Benilde, it is the distance. Not the distance from our condo unit at Makati to Taft nor the farther distance from Tomas Morato to Taft, but that stupid little stretch from the main Benilde building to AKIC.

AKIC, Angelo King International Center, or ICC, or whatever it is called is where I take 4 out of my 5 classes for this term. It takes 5 minutes to get there walking from Taft and 35 minutes coming from home (yes I do walk from home to school but unfortunately due to work nowadays, I am only now able to do so after school, which means from school back to the condo). Anyway, as I was saying, I really hate having to walk along Estrada which is the reason it really pissed me off to realize that after walking from the office to GMA-Kamuning Station (that is Tomas Morato-Rotonda-Timog for you), an MRT ride to Taft, an LRT ride to Pablo Ocampo (formerly known as Vito Cruz), and the walk I have to take along Estrada, my teacher for the lone subject I had for that night couldn’t make it to class.

Personally, I wasn’t really angry at him. No fun-loving student would. After all, him being absent meant not having to have the midterms for Poligov at that time. But the thing is I am such a planner-dependent individual that there’s nothing more I have than a ruined schedule.

You see, I am not a spontaneous individual. That thing I do from work to school? That is timed and planned. It takes me 15 minutes to walk to the station, 40 minutes to reach Vito Cruz, and 5 minutes to reach AKIC! I would sometimes be late for my class for around 15 minutes or less but that’s the plan because I think I am doing fairly well in terms of class standing and I for sure don’t want to ride a taxi to skip walking to the MRT station. Not only would that translate to paying P60 for the ride daily, I wouldn’t be more efficient with that in terms of time saved because of traffic! For any LTFRB guys who might be reading this, why in the world is there no decent jeepney route from Tomas Morato to EDSA along Timog Avenue, huh?

Anyway, my professor for that time, Mr. Pangilinan (right?) couldn’t make it. We had no way of contacting him so we all just left after an hour, which, according to the handbook, was the only time the students could leave the classroom if the professor was deemed missing in action. So what am I going to do then? I was supposed to be taking my midterm exam for that class at that time but now, I am left to do nothing. So as usual, I merely proceeded to the library. Tons of things to read such as today’s papers and magazine back issues.

I wasn’t really in the mood to start thinking about my work assignment (which is what I refer to things for Naturale that I have to do at home). Dennis hinted on me earlier today that I have to come up with a brand name for the project. Naturally, as the head of the project, it was my job to do so. What I think he was trying to do is to measure how quickly I could act on this and so much more. Or was it all on my head. It pays to be cynical mind you. It helps you to be always on your toes.

After reading a lot of things from the library (which Benildeans refer to as LRC), I began my journey home around 9 pm. Nothing’s better than not ruining my schedule yet being productive at the same time. To cap my night off, I passed by the barbecue spot beside AKIC before I made my way to the streets of Palanan. I helped myself with 3 sticks of isaw (intestines), a hotdog (Purefoods), pig’s skin, pig’s ears, and gizzard. I think it’s a lot of cholesterol and fat intake. Thank God, I love walking. It’ll just burn away anyhow.

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