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The Art of Letting Go

February 16, 2006

Typing my second official resignation letter was quite a difficult task. Not only because of the fact that I do love working for Logicall and all the benefits, opportunities, and friendships included therein, it is mainly because the Human Resources Director, Mr. XXX (no sense hiding his identity after all I have decided to hide his real name nowadays due to the high number of visitors that were redirected to my blog after Googling up Mr. XXX), also teaches at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

The first time I knew that one of the big bosses at Logicall was a Benildean professor as well, I always thought it would be for my own advantage. Turns out it wasn’t As you can see, having him around both at school and work can be quite difficult to manage. For instance, there was this time when 3 people from my batch of trainees for Logicall were allegedly caught cheating. Naturally, being the HR Director, he was the one who gave them the pink slip after which he interrogated every one of us who remained in my batch while we were receiving our weekly allowance from Ms. Tashi’s office.

What can you say about the incident earlier, he asked. The dilemma was quite simple. The question was direct. If I supported the allegations, I would definitely be a mean person in the eyes of the 3 alleged cheaters and the rest of the batch. Not to mention the fact that if I did just that, I am cynical after all, I may appear like really sucking up to Mr. Primicias which may turn out to be not such a very smart action.

If I did otherwise, it would mean that I think Mr. Primicias was, is, and will always be dead wrong. Going against the big man of the HR Department of your employer was one thing, going against the big man of the HR Department of your employer who could be your professor and defense panelist soon is another thing.

Well, it’s a good thing that I actually didn’t notice anything during that time. And so, I merely said, I was completely minding my own paper while I took the certification exam, and though I heard noises, I could neither confirm nor deny such acts during that time. For all I know, I could be a showbiz kick-ass with that answer. But anyway, it was good enough for me to finally get out of Ms. Tashi’s office. I might not have been more helpful for both camps at that time, but trust me, it was really uncomfortable for me back then.

Further emphasizing the point, I was absent for yesterday’s shift because I wasn’t able to sleep because of the Energizer-bunny thing I mentioned before regarding Dennis’ call. Thus, I was not only very sleepy, I was on the verge of having a fever. Anyway, I saw Mr. Primicias at school and even though I wasn’t even sure if he knew of my absence, I totally freaked out (as I have always been ever since I began training) and diverted my course of path away from him.

Anyway, even though I originally planned to stay put at Logicall until next Wednesday so as I could get my next certification allowance, I finally decided that I had to quit ASAP not only to make sure that I did get in Naturale, but to be fair with Logicall as well. They were all nice people there (except for one guy whom everybody there collectively hates) and since I knew they were on all in their toes trying to fill all the seats on time for expansion, it would be a good way of saying thank-you to them by not being so money-hungry and giving them ample time to find a replacement for me. Though my resignation letter was not as long and funny compared to the one I’ve written for ICT, it is by far one of the most honest letters I’ve ever written.

So long, Logicall. So long Jaja, Trebor, and Madame Bernie. So long Franz, MJ, LV, and James. So long Coleen. So long Ms. Michelle, Tashi, Ed, Anne, Derrick, Archie, Mr. Primicias, and the other big guys at work. So long to the other people I forgot to mention and I’ll never get to know. I will miss you all but you’ll never know how much unless you bump into my blog while surfing at work (that’s if you-know-who won’t be around pissing everyone off by acting like he has a cucumber up his arse). But a guy’s got to do what he has got to do. I’ll see you all soon!

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  1. Alfredo Primicias III permalink
    April 5, 2007 7:54 am

    Impressive writing…see you in school.

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