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First Day Funk

February 16, 2006

First day at Naturale wasn’t really as what I have expected and have been accustomed to. Having worked for mostly BPO types had trained me to some sort of strict time management thing known for such instances wherein if you failed to beat the clock means you-die-you-useless-rank-and-file-brat (I’m speaking out of general notion and not out of experience). Thus, I was at the office on time, and I waited, and I waited. It wasn’t that Naturale is such a lax place to work for, but it’s just that the atmosphere was so conducive for creativity that I kinda miss having someone breathing down my neck (or perhaps it’s still too early to claim such things?).

Anyway, come almost lunch time and the other people began pouring in. As what I have told Cris and Diane (the first two people at the office whose names have permanently ingrained in my mind) having too many new people to get to know is more of an information overload for me than listening to Mr. Baylon’s Financial Management ranting for almost 3 hours straight. If you don’t know who Mr. Baylon is, well he is the head of the Career Development Program at Benilde. You’ll know more about him soon enough as I update my blog.

A funny thing to is that there’s already a Cris and a King at the office thus, I have to choose a new nickname for myself. Everytime they call the other guys I always turn around and expect them to be looking at me. Since they didn’t know that I am referred to as both Kris and King in my previous lives, I merely appeared to be sticking my nose into other people’s business rather than someone who is fully alert at that time.

The office was nice. All colorful and cozy. But they told me though that we would have to transfer to the new office at the basement because it turns out Dennis’ parents, who are the ones managing the pharmaceutical company (MDLB? Lloyd’s Pharma? Metz Pharma?) needed the War Room we were currently using as a conference room. It was after all, connected to their main office and it was really an old agreement they had before. The basement office, which was aptly called the Playroom because of its colorful playschool-like interiors, reminded me a lot of how Google’s offices looks like in pictures – only smaller. Very smaller.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the office soon but I don’t have a camera phone much more a digicam for me to just point and shoot. And I am not so crazy to buy a roll of film and bring my old Yashica to the office. Anyway, I just spent much of time, making myself appear busy. I’m not that good in pretending to be busy. When I’m not doing anything, I sleep. When I appear like I’m busy or if I say so myself, then chances are, I am not lying at all. So even though, everyone at the office was doing something, and I naturally made my own research for my project, it honestly didn’t take the whole 8 hours to do it. After all, I only had a few facts to work around with. But hey, it was a good start.

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