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Oh, Happy Day!

February 15, 2006

Let’s just say it all happened so fast. One day I was pitching for a Nevada-based home refinancing company saying things like rebuttals and TCPA-close. The next thing I knew was that I am already a Brand Associate for a start-up cosmetics slash health care company which, for what I have been told, sprouted out from commendable pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines.

As far as I know, such a post is hard to come by and is a dream for most individuals who are so into making a laudable career in the field of marketing such as myself. This is the reason I couldn’t hardly believe it when my boss, a certain fellow I shall be referring to as Dennis from now on (who was still my potential-boss way back then), tried to call me up yesterday morning while I was semi-sucking up to the QA people (e.g. Rica) of the start-up call center called Logicall that I was currently connected with (I have a thing for start-ups) so as to earn some brownie points which would come in handy come promotions time, which as far I know, would come in a few weeks time.

Anyway, as I said, I was hastily making way with my MS Excel prowess to finish the QA reports on time, unmindful of the fact that it was already way over my shift and I had to get some shut-eye before going to school at that time (yes, I’m still studying at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde taking up BS Business Administration major in Marketing Management). With Dennis’ miscall and a couple of SMS afterwards, let us just say it pumped a lot of caffeine-like happiness within me that I transformed into an Energizer bunny and was wide awake until I got to meet my future boss at his office 24 hours later.

The office was located somewhere in Quezon City. I could remember the very fist time I set foot in the office weeks ago, trying my best to pull myself together as I embarked into yet another dreamy interview for job positions I was very unqualified for.

You see, ever since I had my memorable stint with ICT, I had been quite addicted to both JobsDB and JobStreet that I always make it a habit to apply for any job that can be referred to as interesting from a multi-lingual waiter in a German bar to Brand Manager positions for several of the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines. Needless to say, my days of carefree clicking finally paid-off when I chanced upon a cheesy sunflower-themed post for Naturale Laboratories, Inc.

Just to further stress the point though that I am such a job interview whore, I also managed to be present for my 1:30 pm interview today for Rendition Digital though I had no intentions whatsoever to work there anymore because of my pending employment for Natural Laboratories, Inc. Anyway, for reference purposes, I have attached a screenshot of their ad at JobStreet below:


  • Are you a graduate of Marketing or Management preferably from Ateneo, DLSU, UA&P, UP or other highly regarded schools? à For starters, I failed miserably with this requirement. I am still in school, as what I have mentioned above. Though I love Benilde more than I enjoyed being in the Ateneo (Yes, I am an Ateneo reject), I have to face the fact that though I can easily dismiss the notion that Benilde is an easy-school, some people would not readily connect the phrase with “highly regarded” with my beloved educational institution.
  • Are you 25 years or below? à Yippee! Alas, first factor for my advantage! Though I am about to turn a year older by the 28th of January, I was still 22 at the time I clicked the apply-button.
  • Are you willing to occasionally fly abroad to develop business? à Now this was a clincher. You see, I’m not really fond of travel. I’ve been to Japan when I was still in high school to join some sort of science competition, and yet, I hardly regard that event as memorable. In fact, I have allowed a lot of both local and international travelling opportunites slip past me simply because, I don’t go ga-ga everytime travel is mentioned. I only go home back to Davao once a year, or twice if time and money permits, both nothing more. My passport is expired, and every time I think of vacation, a scene of fluffy pillows and subzero airconditioning comes to mind rather than Hong Kong Disneyland. So as you can probably infer right now, I am neither willing nor unwilling. I see this line more of a responsibility rather than a perk of the job. I’m so unique don’t you think so? Come to think of it, maybe it’s time for me to practice mit meine Deutsche, nicht war?
  • Can you say you’ve failed enough to have grown? à Jeez, I was an Ateneo reject. What more can you ask for? Honestly, I think this is one of my major strong points in Dennis’ eyes. He, after all, took up the same course I had when he was in Ateneo. Management of Applied Chemistry. What the hell is that, you might ask. Oh just click here. Nevertheless, for this factor of consideration, I think my P250,000 fiasco with the magazine business would have been a better example. But hey, that’s another story.

Coming back to where I left off, I met Dennis the second time around for a sort of job-offer (I honestly did not understand what I was getting myself into). He told me about this new project he had in mind, which he had emphasized, fitted me very well and much more compared to the other project I originally applied to. You see, I am a cynic, so obviously I translated those nicely-conjured words to you-are-not-the-best-person-to-handle-that-other-job. But then again, I’m happy with anything he had to offer me. Gimme anything, Herr Dennis, I thought to myself at that time. Or perhaps, even during my first interview with him and Emily (who was his wife but I didn’t know that way back then).

Anyway, after telling me the project that he wanted me to take care of, he mentioned the terms of my employment, we shook hands, and I said my goodbye. After leaving the premises of the office, I still had no idea what was going on. Was I actually hired? Was he even aware that I am still a junior student (though technically it’s my 6th if you begin counting from my Ateneo days)? And how, in the world, am I going to face the people back at the Logicall?

Meine Gott, I told myself, I am really in for a bumpy ride. Fasstensietbeltz!

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